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In 2020, Founder and Lead Marketing Director, Chase VanDyke, recognized a major problem impacting not only his local community in Chesapeake, Virginia as a whole, but small business owners especially. With more and more storefronts and businesses closing their doors due to the pandemic and unrelenting economic uncertainty, Chase launched First Rank LLC to give back to his hometown and offer his community business owners a fighting chance. Chase has made it his personal mission to highlight the small mom and pop brick and mortars and the phone-driven businesses who work out of utility vans, work trucks, or a good ol fashioned trailer who have built our community into the proud place we call home. It is his deepest honor to help in that build. 


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With our brilliant team of strategists and personal approach, we can get your business listed in the top results in the search engines, generating you more business to help you reach your targets.

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We hold ourselves to the highest standards because your customers and prospects deserve the best content on the web. Our creative and consulting team is well experienced in this industry.

As a digital marketer, we know that every industry is unique and requires a nuanced approach, which is why we challenge making the most significant impact using our knowledge.

Our packages are customizable as per your needs, so feel free to contact and let us know your requirement and get a quote.

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